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Linking Renewable Energy Resources Around the World

 Dutch: NEDERLANDSE  Espanol   中文(简体)/Chinese   ۶ سوال به سمت صلح و توسعه پایدار (Six Questions)  Francais  Germany/Deutch  한국어  utilizando transmissores de alta potência em áreas remotas, e mudar a força via linha de transmissões de alta-voltagem, podemos alcançar 7000 quilómetros, conectando nações e continentes    русский/Russian


Here is where you find the details on why the GENI Initiative is such a compelling argument for global environmental protection and sustainable development.

2005 was officially the hottest year in recorded history, and global temperatures are the warmest in this millennium. The ice caps and glaciers are melting even faster than expected and hurricanes have increased in strength and frequency. The evidence is in. Human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels, is altering atmospheric chemistry.

Five decades ago we were warned about climate change from burning fossil fuels. The evidence is now in from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -- our addiction to fossil fuels is altering our environment. We've seen stronger storms, melting glaciers and permafrost -- and computer models predict agricultural dislocations and the spread of tropical diseases into higher latitudes.

We've squandered 50 years and in the meantime reached the highest level of carbon dioxide concentration in 600,000 years. China is adding a 1000-megawatt coal-fired power plant every week! Texas, a US leader in wind development, now wants to build 11 more coal-fired, carbon emitting plants -- a surefire pathway to increasing pollution. If we don't change course, the experts project a doubling of CO2 concentrations and dire consequences.

In 1973, renewables provided 6% of U.S. primary energy. After all the scientific warnings, political pronouncements and actual steel-in-the-ground development, renewables share of primary energy remains at just 7% (2009). Seems like a lot of talk and not enough action.

The GENI Initiative focuses on a global strategy - the interconnection of power grids between nations, tapping abundant local and remote renewable energy resources. We educate, promote, cajole, enroll and provoke utilities, policy-makers, energy ministers and financiers to embrace this sustainable solution for implementation within and between all nations.

Dealing with climate change takes everyone doing everything we can. We hve a long way to go with U.S. energy policy and must also work with India, China and the rest of the developing world to leapfrog the fossil fuel path and move directly into a clean and efficient energy model.

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