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Linking Renewable Energy Resources Around the World

 Dutch: NEDERLANDSE  Espanol   中文(简体)/Chinese   ۶ سوال به سمت صلح و توسعه پایدار (Six Questions)  Francais  Germany/Deutch  한국어  utilizando transmissores de alta potência em áreas remotas, e mudar a força via linha de transmissões de alta-voltagem, podemos alcançar 7000 quilómetros, conectando nações e continentes    русский/Russian

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2019 Subscribe

  • December
  • December
  • November
  • October
  • September
  • August
  • July
  • June
  • May — Visualization Simulates Value Of Sharing Electricity — A 150% Return On Investment
  • April
  • March — 2018 IEA Report: Our Addiction To Coal And Natural Gas Is Growing
  • February — Many Nations Are Leading The Shift To Renewable Energy
  • JanuaryWarning: Progress Is Lacking To Achieve The 2020 Climate Turning Point

2018 Subscribe

  • DecemberFirst Time In History: Less Than One Billion People Lack Access To Electricity
  • NovemberSolar And Wind Are Now Cheapest Source Of Power
  • October — Rapid Changes Needed To Stem Catastrophic Climate Change. The Solution: Concentrating Solar Farms Produce Day And Night
  • September
  • August — US Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Lab: It's Time to Tie the U.S. Electric Grid Together
  • July — U.S. Coastal Cities At Risk Due To Sea Level Rise
  • June — Solar & Wind Dominate New Generation Capacity: Renewables Reap 2x Fossil Fuels & Nuclear
  • May
  • April — UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Advocates Long Distance Transmission To Transmit Zero-Carbon Renewable Electricity
  • March — Global Risk Report 2018 — Getting Our Priorities Right
  • February — Climate Change Is Here Now — What Can You Do?
  • January — UN Secretary General Advocates For Global Energy Interconnection

2017 Subscribe

  • December — In Our "New Normal" World — Build Sustainable & Resilient Cities
  • November — Global Energy System Based On 100% Renewable Energy
  • October — Global Grid Stress Testing: It's Easier & Cheaper To Move Electrons Than Fuels
  • September — What I Learned On My Vacation: What Is And What Could Be
  • August — The Clean Energy Revolution Links To The Asian Super Grid
  • July — United States Still Driving Renewables Development
  • June — GENI Invites You To The Silicon Valley SIMCenter Demo
  • May — Make Your Home More Energy Efficient — And An Energy Source
  • April — Your Next Car or Fleet Purchase: Electric vs. Gasoline
  • March — Phasing Out CO2 This Century — Ramping Up Renewables & Energy Efficiency
  • FebruaryGlobal Energy Interconnection Gets Support From World's Largest Utility And More: State Grid Corp Of China + Int'l Energy Agency + Int'l Electrotechnical Commission
  • January — The World As 100 People — Global Social Trends Are Improving

2016 Subscribe

  • December — 48 Developing Nations Commit To 100% Renewables By 2050 —and— IEA: Radical Shift Required To Meet 1.5°C Target
  • NovemberCreating a Renewable Energy Roadmap: 4 Key Questions for Each Nation at COP22
  • October — Connecting Renewable Energy Supergrids —and— Secretary Clinton Calls For Open Trade, Open Borders For Electric Grid
  • September — G20 Leaders Pledge Renewable Integration
  • August — GENI office move (SIMcenter Phase IV Completion)
  • July — Multi-Terminal HVDC Links Distant Renewables Between Canada And The United States
  • June — Cities Taking the Lead in Tackling Climate Change
  • May — President Obama Pushing Renewables —and— SIMCenter Moving To Silicon Valley
  • April — China Proposes Global Energy Interconnection (GEI)
  • March GENI's TrimTab 2016 Campaign -- We Need You!
  • February — A National HVDC Grid: The Best Solution To 80% Renewable Energy By 2050
  • January — Renewables Boosts Jobs and Global GDP up to $1.3 Trillion

2015 Subscribe

  • DecemberMake one last gift this year -- that matters
  • December — Paris Climate Summit — Good COP or Bad COP?
  • November — Building Peace Between Nations, One Link After Another
  • October — Open Letter to COP21: Negotiating CO2 Targets -vs- Linking Renewables Between Nations
  • SeptemberGENI's TrimTab 2015 Campaign -- We Need You!
  • August — The Global Power Grid Solution
  • July — India Approves Intra-State Transmission Systems For Renewable Energy
  • June — Energy Ministers and World Bank to Help Countries Scale Up, Integrate Renewable Energy in Grids
  • May — Solar & Wind Capture 100% Of New U.S. Energy In April 2015
  • April — GeoDesign: Engineering The Transition To Renewable Energy And Clean Water For All
  • March — World Bank: The Renewable Electricity Grid
  • February — Underwater High-Voltage Cable Links Nations And Renewable Energies
  • January — The Hottest Decade Ever— the beginning of the end for fossil fuels

2014 Subscribe

  • December — A Vision Of An Interconnected Energy Grid — An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  • November — 100% Renewable Cities — Taking a Stand
  • October — Africa — Still The Dark Continent
  • September — UN Climate Summit calls for Regional Cooperation on Renewable Energy
  • August — Sustainability is Critical and Not Sufficient...   We need to Build Resilient Cities
  • July — 12x More Solar —and— US$550 Billion Annual Investment In Renewables Needed To Avoid 'Climate Catastrophe'
  • June — Renewables Provide 88% of New U.S. Generation in May 2014 —and— GENI Solar and Wind Maps Tops on Google Maps Gallery
  • May — Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities
  • AprilThere Must Be a "Massive Shift" to Renewable Energy
  • March — 100% Renewable Energy for all U.S. States and the World
  • February — India and Bangladesh Complete First Electric Grid Interconnection
  • January — 19 Nations Form Africa Clean Energy Corridor

2013 Subscribe

  • December — The Renewable Plan: from 20% to 80% by 2050
  • November — Making Renewable Energy Siting Easier ...Because We Have Plenty
  • October — GENI Report From The 2013 World Energy Congress, Korea
  • September — GENI Is The Only U.S. Exhibitor At World Energy Congress Pushing The Renewable Solution
  • August — 2/3rds Of All Solar PV Installed In Last 2 Years— Policy Support And Competitive Pricing Driving This Growth
  • July — 10 Nations Launch “Global Renewables Club” — The Tipping Point for Renewable Energy
  • June — Southeast Asia And West Africa Pushing Towards Regional Grid Interconnection
  • May — 400 PPM Carbon Dioxide Tipping Point Reached Today
  • April — Deutsche Bank And Asian Development Bank Call For Renewable Energy
    —plus— India and Italy Reach Grid Parity For Renewables
  • March"Turn Down the Heat" — World Bank Report 2012 — Turn Up The Heat On Our Leaders!
  • February — Renewable Energy Was Nearly Half Of New U.S. Generation Capacity Additions In 2012
  • January — Connecting The Americas: Linking The Electric Grids From Alaska To Argentina

2012 Subscribe

  • December — Powering Up Asia's Super-Grid: Linking Renewables Is The Answer
  • November — GENI Renewable Reports Provide Solutions As The Answer To "It's Global Warming, Stupid"
  • October — Plan A for Sustainability: UN launches Sustainable Development Solutions Network
  • September — Wind Resources Could Power All The World's Needs
  • August — Four New GENI Reports Published —plus— Electrify The Bottom Of The Pyramid
  • July — Electrical Interconnections Create International Trade And Peace
  • June — Sustainable Development Is Not Possible Without Sustainable Energy
  • May — China Leading The High-Voltage Transmission Market
  • April — Climate Change — Connecting the Dots
  • March — South Asia Plans An Electric Energy Ring
  • February — Changing The Way We Look At Climate Change
  • January — Iran, Iraq, Pakistan Interconnecting Their Electric Grids

2011 Subscribe

  • December — International Energy Agency: “Shift or Suffer Dire Consequences”
  • November — Solar Energy Is Becoming The Arab Nations’ Next Export Resource
  • October — International Energy Agency Warns Of Ballooning World Fossil Fuel Subsidy
  • September — U.N.’s Ban Ki-Moon urges Clean Energy Revolution
  • August — Six Central American Nations Getting Connected
  • July —India And Nepal Linking Transmission Grids -and- GENI Receives Proclamation For 25th Anniversary
  • June — Scotland And Switzerland Move Towards 100% Renewables as GENI Interns Push This Agenda To All OECD Nations
  • MayGENI Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary and Moves Downtown!
  • April — Multiple Accidents In The Energy World: Gulf Oil Spill, U.S. And Chinese Coal Mine Collapses, Japan Nuclear Meltdown — It's Time For A New Energy Plan
  • March — Green Economy Will Cost $1-2.6 Trillion Per Year: United Nations
  • February — European Companies Push European Union Towards A Single Electricity Market -and- World Wildlife Fund Calls For 100% Renewables By 2050
  • January — World Bank to Fund DESERTEC Plan — Plus the GENI Summary of 2010

2010 Subscribe

  • December — 100% Renewables In 10 Years — Getting To Critical Mass
  • November —The Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Is Here
  • October — Ending Energy Poverty
  • September — The Global Shift to Renewable Energy
  • August — World Energy Congress, Montreal 2010 -and- the World Resources Simulation Center: Energy/Water Sustainability
  • July — The European Commission Seeks To Integrate Large Solar From Africa
  • June — The Path Of Pollution Versus The Road To Renewables
  • May — U.S. Electrical Grid Expanding To Access Abundant Renewable Energy
  • April — Maps And Policies On Renewable Energy Are Available To All
  • March — $10 Trillion Needed for Clean Technology -so- Get Your Share of the Green Economy
  • February — Why Infrastructure is Critical
  • January — China is Charging Ahead in Renewable Development

2009 Subscribe

  • December — Are We Just Smarter Lemmings Headed For The Cliff?
  • November — Transmission And Renewables Integration Are Top Issues Of North American Electric Reliability 10 Year Outlook
  • October — U.S. Department Of Interior Pushing A Collaborative Effort For A National Electric Grid To Tap Abundant Renewable Energy
  • September — 350 parts per million (ppm) — and — The International Day of Climate Action
  • August — Introducing the World Resources Simulation Center
  • July — "20 Global Problems — 20 Years to Solve Them" Challenges the Rotary Peace Fellows Symposium
  • June — Clean Energy can Solve the Millennium Development Goals — and — Renewable Energy on Native American Lands
  • May — The Super Grid Is Coming To Your Continent
  • April — The Rules of the Game
  • March — The Electric Grid is the "Missing Link" to Abundant Renewables
  • February — State Treasurers And Pension Funds Push For Linking Renewables — and — World Economic Forum Calls For $515 Billion Annual Renewable Energy Investments Through 2025
  • January — Renewables Get Us Three For One

2008 Subscribe

  • December — The European Supergrid And Renewable Cities Are Leading The Way
  • November — The US National Grid Gains Momentum While Six Persian Gulf States Start Trials On International Grid
  • October — Green Economy Will Create Millions Of Jobs — and — General Electric And Google Agree
  • September — GENI Featured In Energy Crisis Debate
  • August — Al Gore, T. Boone Pickens, James Hansen, and Robert Kennedy Jr. — All Agree — Linking Remote Renewable Energy Is A Top Priority
  • July — Visualizing The Global Energy Issues — Plus Small Island Renewables
  • June — How Policy-Makers Can Lead On Climate Change
  • May — Climate Change at the Tipping Point
  • April — Ending Poverty in the Developing World — Both Macro and Micro Engineering Is Needed
  • March — World's Growing Dependence On Coal Leaving A Trail Of Environmental Devastation ...It's Time We Stopped Shooting Ourselves In The Foot
  • February — Flip the Old Energy Model Upside Down
  • January — Solving Climate Change — Follow the Money -plus- 2007 GENI Highlights

2007 Subscribe

  • December — GENI Challenges World Energy Conference and "What unites us is stronger than our differences"
  • November — GENI Endorsers Win The Nobel Peace Prize while United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) Reports Global Risk
  • October 19 — Should the Middle East and North African nations go Nuclear .... or Solar?
  • October — California launches Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative
  • September —If We Could Electrify Africa, We Would Eliminate Poverty in a Decade
  • August — The UN Foundation Proposes Modernizing The Electric Power Grid And The Economist Features "Wind By Wire"
  • July — G8 Project To Integrate Renewable Energy Into Electricity Grids
  • June — Interns Change the World
  • May — Making Money and Sense: Buy Green Power or Renewable Energy Credits and Put Solar on the Roof
  • April — GENI featured in Rotarian Magazine and ACORE calls for Ten-Fold Increase in Renewable R&D
  • March — GENI Endorses GROCC Climate Statement -and- What's Needed — A Design Science Revolution?
  • February — California Blocking Coal — and Greening the Grid — Will Other States and Nations Follow?
  • January — Top Renewable Stories of 2006 - International Grid Projects Accelerate — and It's Not Fast Enough!

2006 Subscribe

  • December — Russia Linking Energy Grids to China and the Koreas -and- The Renewable Energy Potential of India
  • November — China's Growth — Why Renewable Energy Is Essential -
  • October — Is It Hot Enough Yet?
  • September — Global Maps of Renewable Energy Potential & Cross-Border Electric Grids Act as Peace Highways
  • August — KLD Global Climate 100 Index: Strong First Year - and Now Investable in Japan!
  • July — IEA: Renewables Could Quadruple vs. EIA: U.S. Agency Predicts 75% More CO2
  • June — Spontaneous Cooperation is Breaking Out
  • May — Mexico, China, Russia, Tajikistan: Building High-Voltage Transmission to Access Renewable Energy -
  • April — 2005 United Nations Report on the Benefits, Costs and Issues of International Electric Power Grid Interconnections
  • March — The GENI Initiative and Nuclear Energy
  • February — China Connects Power Grids — World Economic Forum Identifies Top 5 Global Issues
  • January — Utilities Pursuing Renewable Energy Strategies

2005 Subscribe

  • December — Economic Development vs. Global Climate Change — Global Dilemma Solved
  • November — The renewable energy transition — achieving first–world growth and the Millennium Development Goals
  • October — Russia, China, Korea, Lebanon - important grid links receive little attention
  • September — NASA's "Earth at Night" highlights our prosperity — but leaves 1.6 billion people in the dark
  • August — Electricity Is Essential for Development — and the United Nations Agree
  • July — GENI Partners with KLD Research and Analytics
    to Create KLD Global Climate 100SM Index
  • June — Iran, Russia, and ASEAN Pushing Power Grids
    plus Solar Potential in California is Enormous!
  • May — Global Mapping of Wind and Solar Sites
  • April — Global Ecosystem Report: Resource Use Is Not Sustainable
    and GENI Endorsements from Directors of UNICEF and IUCN
  • March — New Zealand and United Arab Emirates Agree:
    the Grid is the Key Link to Renewables
  • February — Energy is Key to Africa's Prosperity and Global Warming at Critical Point
  • January — Transmission is Key for Wind Energy

2004 Subscribe

  • December — Best Renewable Energy Policies on the Planet
  • November — Oil at $50 a Barrel — It's Time to Change
  • October — World Energy Conference Report
  • September — Fortune Magazine supports Renewable Development
  • August — World Energy Conference next month in Australia — and — WEC Life Cycle Analysis Favors Renewables
  • July — Largest Renewable Energy Event held in Bonn, Germany
  • June — The Best Renewable Energy Policies on the Planet
  • May — Western U.S. Governors want renewables - yet the World Energy Council and IEA say renewables won't play a major role
  • April — GENI announces $60,000 Matching Grant and Major Projects for 2004
  • March — Grid Congestion and the Clean Energy Market
  • February — The power grid gets attention from utilities and investors
  • January — Middle East expanding nation-to-nation links - and - Canadian business and greens agree: renewable energy could meet needs

2003 Subscribe

  • December — World Governments Launch REEEP — Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
  • November — Russia and the European Union Announce Plans to Link Grids by 2007
  • October — Connecting the Iran-Iraq-Syria Grid — What about Incorporating Large Solar Arrays in the Deserts as well?.
  • September — It's a Wired world; Blackout 2003 Lessons
  • August — Energy Cooperation is the Solution to Energy Security
  • July — Try a Hybrid Vehicle — Save Money and the Environment
  • June — Global Oil Companies Project Renewable Growth
  • May — Renewable Energy to Split Water in Iceland: the Future of Energy is Here
  • April — Resource wars: Water, Oil, Fisheries. Finding Solutions that Meet Everyone's Needs
  • March — World's Largest Nation Getting Connected
    — plus — Offers the Future of Energy
  • February — Power Grid Interpendence vs. Independence
  • January — The Energy Grid Can Transform Transportation As Well

Index of monthly GENI Donor Letters 1993-2002

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