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Linking Renewable Energy Resources Around the World

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In GENI's years in existence (1989-present), it has become ever more obvious that our major global issues are interrelated, interconnected and must be approached in that light. While GENI and the GENI Initiative have been about linking renewable resources via an interconnected global grid, the ultimate purpose is to ensure a sustainable, quality lifestyle for all of humanity. Below are selected global issues and challenges that relate directly to the GENI Initiative.

Global Issues Index

Dymaxion Map with Global Grid
Global Vizualization Comparisons
World Renewable Electricity Generation

    .World Population Development

    Sustainable Development (7)
    War Conflict Peace
    Blue Marble -earth from space - NASA
    Sustainable Development
    Earthquakes - Tsunamis - Hurricanes - Floods - Tornados - Blizzards - Ice Storms - Droughts
    Public Policy
    Interconnected Global Issues


    • 1 - energy benefits, trends and models; electricity generation, renewable resources maps and transmission grid maps; industry links and global organizations for electricity generation; key world energy statistics; and electricity transmission
    • 2 - energy conservation alone will suffice; a global grid is impossible; use local sources only; there is no energy solution; scarcity vs. abundance; small scale only; green buildings cost too much, and other related links
    • 3 - population and energy consumption, population growth and quality of life issues, and what stops population growth?
    • 4 - access to electriicty, poverty, life expectancy, disease control, income distribution, electricity consumption, hunger, literacy, children, women, and related links
    • 5 - electricity exchange mollifies conflict
    • 6 - energy resources, global warming/climate change, pollution, resource depletion and biodiversity
    • 7 - sustainable development

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